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       ‘Not Me But You’ this slogan in really appropriate for N.S.S. in this way now N.S.S. Programme has become universal and Unique for national building as youth is the pillars of future nation building. In our degree college unit N.S.S. Programme was started on 2nd Feb., 1997.

       Our mission is to create social awareness among student volunteers, to develop leadership skill in volunteers.


Celebration of YOGA DIN

Working with Sow. Aadititai Amit Deshmukh onSolid Waste Management 

Pollution Free Diwali Awareness Programme

HIV AIDS Testing Programme

Tree Plantation and Cleanliness Programme

HIV AIDS Awareness Rally

Orientation Class for NSS Volunteers

Programme Officer


Dr. Dashrath Bhise

MA, B.Ed., Ph.D.

Assistant Programme Officer

Dr. Dushyant Katare

MA, NET., Ph.D.

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