Our college unit has 3.24 acres independent area. College has two-storied new building in which there are twenty eight rooms. We have two-storied Hostel-building in which there are 26 rooms with all facilities. 


      UGC Network Resource and IT Department has 10 up to date Computers in lab. These computers are connected with LAN.

 Departmental lab has Internet Connection (Broadband) and students are allowed to use Internet free of Cost.

          Faculty members are also taking advantage of this department to learn and use computers and internet provided by the department.

       Department provides Wi-Fi facility to the students and staff and they are enjoying this facility on their mobile phones and laptops for surfing the web.

         A separate faculty is appointed to teach computers on contact hour basis. Students are allowed to learn computers free of cost.

         A UGC sponsored programme on computer education is also run by the department. After completion of course, successful students are awarded by a certificate.

        Department always helps to office and library for their day to day needs office automation and e-learning process of library.




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